The Conference that Informs Leadership on the Border

Registration is now open for the 2018 Border Learning Conference!

February 15, 2018

El Paso Marriott

$75 Registration Fee

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Opportunities and Challenges of Educating Students in a Liminal Place

The conference theme will be further focused by the following topic threads:

  • Helping Students Choose a College-going Identity

    Many of our students find themselves in the betwixt and between, whether that’s as parents and students, high school and college students, full-time/ part-time employees and college student, we want to provide support so that they can choose to persist in their role as college student.

  • Being Present/Self-care

    As educators, staff, and administrators, we also find ourselves living in a liminal space. How can we better take care of ourselves so that we can care for others?

  • Technology in the Liminal Classroom Space

    Technology can be used to engage students in the classroom through polls and other techniques and it can be used to engage them outside of the classroom using social media and Blackboard. But, it also connects them to the things they have going on outside of the classroom, thus putting them in that liminal space while they’re in class.

  • El Paso EDGE

    As a continuation of the discussion started with the newly formed El Paso EDGE (Economic Development and Growth through Education) collaborative, this thread focuses on the collaboration between k-16 educators and business and community partners to implement an asset-based approach to preparing our students for careers and graduate/professional programs that promote economic prosperity for the region.

  • Law Enforcement and Our Students

    This thread will explore the many gray areas that law enforcement agencies face both on and off campus. Programs and policies are being enacted, while others are ending. Bills are being passed and others repealed, where does this leave our students and those who protect and serve?

See you there!



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